PPH GEKAR Electronics&Automatics Eng. Grzegorz Pawlicki

Designing automatics and electronics, mdoernization, service, prototype, installation, certification.

About firm

PPH GEKAR is based on the owners' many years of design experience. Due to gained experience, GEKAR takes the hardest electronics' and automatics' projects


creates advanced electronics designs

on comission of clients from various industries, including

leaders of the Polish and European market.

The projects are sold on the markets of all Europe and on the eastern markets.

In the electronics portfolio

are i.a.

In the automatics portfolio

are i.a.:

In machine automation, we use proven automatics components from reputable suppliers. Our automation projects mean a quick project implementation time and a positive price.

With a wide portfolio and extensive professional experience, we are able to carry out technically difficult projects within a time satisfactory to the customer and at positive price, while maintaining the quality and reliability of the product.

Call for cooperation

eng. Grzegorz Pawlicki

(Luboń next to Poznań)