PPH GEKAR Electronics&Automatics Eng. Grzegorz Pawlicki

Designing automatics and electronics, mdoernization, service, prototype, installation, certification.

Software for Windows to order

Program to order

Programming to order, creation apps for PC with Windows OS.

Software to order in languages C, C++, C# .

Programs to order from business drivers WINDOWS OS, DLL library, programs for controlling devices by USB ports and RS232

Support and further development of the software also after sale.

programs for Windows C sharp Apps to order android windows java


Software for the following hardware platforms:

Big experience in developing software for products based on AVR and ARM STM32 microcontrollers

Programs for stm32 devices, which are produced in thousand pieces for the whole Europe market with software written by us for devices' producers, who are Europan market's leader.

Experience in perennial realization different projects with system support

CANOpen, Ethernet (IoT), RS485

programs to order C avr programs to order