PPH GEKAR Electronics&Automatics Eng. Grzegorz Pawlicki

Designing automatics and electronics, mdoernization, service, prototype, installation, certification.


Electronic module for RS485 communication:

Communication module for the RS485 network, which reads sensors via the RS485 network.
Any protocol possible, including MODBUS.
Destination: remote monitoring of a machine, workstation or technological cycle efficiency.
Possibility to read a specialized two-wire sensor (according to the design), or to read two different sensors of the 24Vdc standard.
Reliable metal housing, 4-digit 7-segment display. 24Vdc power supply.
The device is programmed to order.

RS485 metal housing for electronics
electronics housing dimensions housing 3D view


The electronic module of a specialist power supply for the automotive industry in a steel housing:

Specialist power supply module for the automotive industry, destined mainly for powering rear view cameras that require atypical supply voltages.
Solid, small housing made of sheet metal, integrated electronics resistant to temperatures from -25°C, smd assembly, double-sided printed circuit with metallization, protected against moisture.

electronics housing made of metal dimensions of the rear view camera power supply


Project of a building automatics controller equipped with:


Machine-human interface programming - a very important part of the machine control system.

Even the most complex machine must be easy and pleasant to operate. The machine operator mustn't be "tired" when operating the machine, the operation of the machine must be intuitive - this affects the efficiency of the workplace and the use of machine automation in production in your company. We are doing machine automation well. In the industrial automation industry, we provide service, design, repair and modernization.

In automation of machines, we prefer solutions from reputable, best equipment prodecers because i.a. we value reliability.

The photo shows a working panel during the control of a small accurate machine - panel software and the design and realization of the machine's automatics: PPH GEKAR.

HMI Panel Simatic


There have been few publications recently, but this is not due to the lack of commissions. We work in full swing all year round. For over half a year we have been doing IT projects in the field of software design for embedded electronics. The programs, as always, at the highest level of reliability. No wonder - we are one of the best in embedded electronics designed from the beginning in Poland, and at the same time cooperation with us is only beneficial.

We have unique, remarkable experience in complex control electronics projects. Writing innovative software on unforgettable paths is a challenge, but the results are impressive and always result in satisfaction and benefit for the client.

programming services


In the last 3 days, there may have been temporary technical breaks in the operation of the post and our website. This was due to the transfer of e-mail and websites to a new, better server. We hope that the improvement in the performance of the hosting server will have a positive impact on communication channels with our offer, which, as we know, we are trying to make it one of the most advantageous design and implementation offers in the field of automation and electronics.


New machine automatics control - design and realization by PPH GEKAR.
The main elements of the system are: Simatic controller and HMI operator panel, also Siemens.
We create a control system automation project, assemble a control box and write software for it.

In the machine, the automatics control system uses: precision drive with a stepper motor, PLC Simatic S7-1200 controller, Siemens operator panel, contactors, relays, 24Vdc power supply with passive cooling, power supply for the motor power module, PLC-controlled motor controller.


Modernization of motor controllers, development of projects towards network protocols (CANOpen and Ethernet).


New projects: modernization of our controller modules.


Our field of experience has increased with further successes. In cooperation with the market leader in building automation, we have implemented innovative solutions, creating dedicated advanced software for regulators and controllers for heating systems. The project is implemented as part of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program for 2014-2020.

They were:


We are starting new projects on ARM industrial computers. New devices have great opportunities. They are a combination of classic, well-designed and resistant electronics based on ARM and DSP microcontrollers and modern embedded electronics based on systems with a large scale of integration, working under the control of operating systems. As a result, the time from inquiry to designing a new device is significantly shortened. They are equipped with:

New devices can work in industry and on mobile controller platforms. They have a favorable price-performance ratio and high reliability. They are based on systems from the Linux family. They can implement complex computational algorithms.

arm A7 mobile controller


The GU1R is a new reluctance motor controller for heavy duty industrial applications. Equipped with real-time online diagnostics on a 6-digit LED display. Driver software fully written in a real-time operating system. Configuration of the controller is done through a user-friendly, free application for a PC. Possible adaptation of work algorithms and movement trajectories as part of the production of a batch of controllers. The controller has 10 galvanic insulated inputs, 3 relay outputs and a motor output.

Feel free to contact us and send inquiries, Grzegorz Pawlicki, Luboń (next to Poznań in Wielkopolska)